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Here's what club owners have to say:

Loving the retention emails!  So simple, and we have had lots of really good feedback.

Workout Indooroopilly

PulseTec Solution has been our solution provider since we opened 2008; their support has been excellent especially during  the teething stage when we were getting familiar with the system. PulseTec’s continued support over the last 3 years has helped our business grow and with the Retention Management program I can’t say enough about it, it’s perfect. The add-on messages to communicate with members is too easy. I owe Neil and his team a huge thank you for helping us at Gold’s Gym Parramatta build a successful club.

Robert Alha
Gold’s Gym Parramatta

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What do the members have to say about the communications sent by Retention Management?

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Believe it, they always come in handy and at the right time. Good to know that an organization like yours is not just thinking about money but also looking out for its members. Once again, THANKS.


Wow. Never before has an unsolicited email been so welcome. Short and to the very helpful point. Thank you!


I really like your newsletters. Of all the like emails that I receive on all manner of topics yours is pretty much the only one I read.  Good content/info and always nicely written.


What a thoughtful, informative message. You are really performing an important service with these emails.


I just wanted to compliment you on these great useful tips that I get in my inbox. Thank you very much for these.


I really love your emails. They're great and I appreciate receiving them.


I've been meaning to mention for a while now that your e-mails are a wonderful touch. Each is educational, meaningful and also encouraging. Nice for us members, but also a good marketing effort on your part.


Hi, I really like the emails that are sent out. Keep them coming!


Thanks so much for the e-mail. Family, work and a NEW DOG have gotten in the way. Your letter is encouraging. You will have me back in the routine very soon. In the meantime, I must say that your idea of writing to me was a great one!


It's so good that you are sending these reminders. People need it.


What a surprise, thank you so much for remembering my birthday!



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Retention Management

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